Hey everyone! My name is Rhea Kapur. I founded the Slavic Storytelling Project, a nonprofit organization, to generate interest in and raise awareness of the Slavic languages and cultures through digital and in-person resources focused on folklore and storytelling.

My impact through the Slavic Storytelling Project has included Slavic folktale readings at my local library’s Saturday Storytime series, virtual folktale and folk music appreciation sessions over Zoom, creating a Slavic Fairy Tales podcast, coding and releasing Skazki, an iOS application dedicated to building Russian language proficiency in the cultural context of Russian folktales, and more. I also chronicle my personal journey learning Russian and exploring the Slavic cultures on my blog, Rhea’s Slavic Adventures; you can read a bit more about me and how I got interested in all of this there!

If you’d like to get involved with any of the Slavic Storytelling Project’s initiatives – whether that be helping out with the Slavic Fairy Tales podcast, contributing to Skazki, donating, or partaking in virtual Russian folktale readings – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Большое спасибо за посещение! (Thanks so much for stopping by!)